By Elizabeth Limp

dart perfectionism
Is perfection a good or bad thing?

Perfectionism is defined as “refusal to accept any standard short of perfection” by the first result on Google when one searches “definition of perfectionism”.  Perfection is defined as “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from flaws or defects”.  In the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Nobody’s perfect.” However, approximately 30% of the population are perfectionists, and that number is as high as 87% in the “gifted” population.  What’s wrong with that, though? Being a perfectionist motivates people to be the best that they can possibly be, so it stands to reason that being a perfectionist is a sort of gift that gives people immense drive to live up to their potential.  However, if it is literally impossible to be perfect, then the pursuit of perfection that perfectionism pushes people toward is a fruitless one and leaves many people disappointed and with a sense of self-loathing when they “fail” at whatever pursuit that they cannot achieve perfection in.

In reality, while people who are not perfectionists view perfectionism as a sort of “gift”, perfectionists see this as more of a curse.  Most perfectionists understand that being perfect is impossible and therefore irrational to even try, yet it is compulsive insanely hard to not feel upset or disappointed when they fall short.


Obsessed with the Possessed

Posted on May 4, 2017 

By Syrli Hernandez and Erin Rickman

What do we really know about the paranormal? [Week Ent.]
Often people talk about demons and ghosts, but do they really know what they are? Our infatuation could come from the fact that we really do not know much or have substantial evidence of the paranormal. Throughout history there have always been beliefs in the paranormal, with misconceptions as well. Some widely believed misconceptions include that ghosts have the ability to posses people, people possessed are completely without free will, etc. It was our goal from the outset to find truth in the unknown.

From all the research we have conducted, we would consider demons to be spiritual beings who were cast out of Heaven and whose goal is to drag people down to hell. There have been many cases of people who have been possessed by demons. 

Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was a young girl who was believed to be possessed by a very powerful demon. Anneliese was around sixteen years old when she was diagnosed with epilepsy and abnormal brain patterns. Around the same time, some odd events events started to happen around her and her family. They began seeing disturbing images, hearing demonic voices and knocking noises. Anneliese started to be an aversion to the sacred, etc. Eventually, Anneliese’s parents stopped looking for medical attention when one of the many priests they talked to told them that Anneliese was in need of an exorcism. Over a period of ten months a total of sixty seven exorcism were performed on Anneliese, many of which were recorded showing how truly disturbing this whole situation was. In one of the audio tapes you can hear Anneliese saying how Judas, Hitler, Cain, and Nero were all inside of her. As the exorcisms and as Anneliese started to become worse, she stopped eating altogether towards the end of her life. On July 1, 1976, Anneliese died from malnutrition and dehydration.

Like Anneliese’s story, there are countless number of other stories about people who have been possessed. There are many TV shows and websites dedicated to only the paranormal. Some example of these are Ghost Hunters, A Haunting, Ghost Asylum, etc. With all these stories, TV shows, and fascination with the the paranormal, there also comes a lot of confusion about ghosts and demons. Like stated before, some more widely believed misconceptions are ghosts have the ability to posses people, people possessed are completely without free will. Ghosts do not have the ability to posses a person however they can influence the spiritual world. Ghosts do have the ability to affect our surroundings which can in return affect us but they could never possess a person, only demons have the ability to do that. Another misconception is that demons can just choose to possess whoever they want or that they have no free will to become possessed or while possessed. This is not true at all because since all people have free will you cannot just become randomly possessed. You will have to do something or open a door for a demon to come through. Some of things that can open the door to the unknown are ouija boards, tarot cards, hand readings, etc. Also while possessed, the demon does not have full control of you.

To get a better understanding of the Catholic Church’s opinion of the paranormal we set up an interview with Mr. Aaron Hollowell. During the interview we asked him various questions having to do with Annalise and just questions we had in general. A couple of the things we asked Mr. Hollowell were “Were all of those people really inside Anneliese?”, “Would Satan have the ability to turn back to God?”, “Do you go to Hell if you get possessed?”, etc. Mr. Hollowell told us it was not all the people who were inside of Anneliese but it was the demon who was inside all of those people because Ghosts cannot possess people. He also told us if one day Satan were to want to turn back to God he would not be able to. We were confused by this statement because we have been taught that everyone has free will and could choose God if they want but he said that Satan could not choose God because he lives in a realm outside of time. Because he and all other demons live outside of time once he made the decision to turn away from God he could not turn back. Lastly Mr. Hollowell told us that there is no definitive answer as to if anyone is in Hell or Heaven. He said the church could not say for sure if anyone was even in Hell. Mr. Hollowell gave us plenty of information about what the church says about demons and the paranormal but there is too much to fit into this article. While out investigating we also interviewed Mr. Hollowell and he said that though he has never had any actual encounters with anything like a demon or ghost he said he definitely believes that they exist.

Throughout this entire investigation into the paranormal we found out very interesting things about demons and ghosts. We found out that demons are able to possess a person because of their own actions. Before we thought that demons could just enter and possess us without our will and that there was nothing we could do to fight against it. But now we know that since we have free will, we would have to open the door for a demon to come through. Even though we have discovered many other things throughout this investigation, sometimes looking into a topic  arises more questions than it does answers. With a topic like the paranormal we will never definitively be able to say whether or not it exists. The answer depends on whether or not you choose to believe in the paranormal.


‘Tis the Season…for Shoes?

Posted on May 4, 2017 

By Kendall Blake

Americans spend more money on shoes than higher education, according to Psychology Mind. [Eastbay]
While school uniforms provide little opportunity for students to show-off their own style, shoes have provided the perfect outlet for students to subtly put their own personal twist on the classic “polo and khaki” look. With school back in session after the Christmas season, many students have been strutting into school showing-off their new shoes. One of the number one things on teenagers’ wish lists this season were shoes, which makes sense when you consider that the shoe industry is valued at over $52,175,000,000 (Statistics Brain). In fact, according to Psychology Mind, Americans spend more money on shoes, than on higher education!

But has this spending trend translated to students at Cardinal Ritter? By the looks of the bright and clean soles walking through the hallways, it would appear so.

Senior Katie Waters sites that she got a new pair of Sperry Saltwater Rain Boots for Christmas. “I had no idea I was getting them, it was a complete surprise!” said Katie. “They are very comfortable, warm, and versatile; they match all outfits.”

However, new shoes are not just a popular gift for girls. Senior Grant Glaze says that he received a new pair of Nike sneakers from his parents for Christmas. “They express my personality,” said Grant as he showed off his new kicks.

Although there are some restrictions on the shoes that can be worn at Cardinal Ritter, it is clear that students, boys and girls alike, feel that they are able to show their style through their choice of footwear.


Mighty Fine Dining

Posted on February 8, 2017 

By Angelique Allen and Amy Kurucz

Maxine’s signature chicken and waffles dish on full display. [Maxine’s]
Tired of going to fast food restaurants? Here’s three other options to consider!

Puerto Vallarta (Lafayette Rd.)

Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant Mexican decor is very welcoming and makes for a dining experience. The staff is friendly and makes you feel right at home, by making sure you have everything that you need to fully enjoy your meal. It’s the kind of restaurant where you have a go to order and even though you order it every time, it’s like you’re trying it for the first time. Not only is the food great, it is affordable. The Is Special, one of Puerto Vallarta’s customer favorites, is only $9.99 and includes a delicious portion of chopped and seasoned chicken breast, brown rice, and their special cheese sauce. Puerto Vallarta is definitely a top notch Mexican restaurant that won’t make you the bank and is only ten short minutes away from Cardinal Ritter High School!

Noble Roman’s (Meridian-Kessler)

Unlike Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant environment, Noble Roman’s provides a laid back environment that’s perfect for a casual night out. If you’re craving a wide variety of pizzas and breadsticks, then Noble Roman’s is your place. No matter what your favorite topping is, they definitely got it. But if you’re wanting to try something new, consider spending only $4.99 for one of their signature Pizza Bombs, which is a stuffed pizza loaded with cheese, sausage and pepperoni. Place your order at the front counter, find the perfect seat for you and your friends, and wait only a few minutes before your delicious pizza is ready! Located only 15 minutes away from Cardinal Ritter, Noble Roman’s could be your new favorite pizza place.

Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles (East St.)

A bit farther down the road is Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles. Don’t be deterred by its outwardly appearance, considering it is connected to a gas station downtown, because the food inside is to die for! As the name clearly indicates, the chicken and waffles is the restaurants most popular menu item. Chicken and waffles may not seem like the most complimentary food, but we think it’s worth the try, especially considering their prices are so low! Crispy chicken and fluffy waffles with warm maple syrup are delicious alone, but Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles has combined the two in a way that will surely surprise you.


Picking and Choosing

Posted on February 8, 2017 

By Grant Glaze

Students have a large selection of classes and subjects to choose from at CRHS. [Bianoti]
In high school students are given the liberty to choose what classes they want to take and, in some cases, their preferred level of difficulty. There are required courses that are needed to graduate. This is when students may not have the freedom to choose what class to take but they can still choose the level of difficulty. In some cases different teachers will teach different difficulty levels of a subject. All of these factors can influence a student in determining in their favorite class or classes.

Students have differing opinions on their favorite subjects.  According to senior Phoebe Schembre, “The subject I most enjoyed during my time at Ritter was sophomore year of English with Mr. Hart. He found a way to incorporate English within games and simple activities to easily comprehend the material.” Senior Zach Yetter stated, “I have enjoyed taking Theology with Mr. Hollowell, as he teaches me about my faith life and is able to simplify things to be better understood. Out of the students who were surveyed, the results were almost equally divided between English and Science, with some votes for Math and Theology. The diversity among the answers proves people have different interests and that Ritter as a school emphasizes the subjects equally.


Effective Artistry in Everyday Life

Posted on February 8, 2017 

By Malcolm Saloane and Frankie Viglietta

Music impacts people in a variety of ways. [CBS]
From 1999 to today, the world has encountered a number of influential artists that have shifted culture in unimaginable ways. Nothing can compare to the amount of influence presented to us in recent years. The blooming amount of creativity stems from the vast amount of exhibitions displayed on social media. Promoting your ideas and showcasing your work to a great number of people at once has never been easier. Therefore, it gives a platform for multiple new artists to emerge.

Music has always impacted a boundless sum of people. Music itself is many things, it is an outlet, a type of art, a shared love, anything you desire it to be. Artists take what they know and transform it into something beautiful, inspiring, etc.. The question we then must ask is: How much do your favorite artists affect your everyday life?

In summary, how much of your life do you owe to the influence of your favorite artist? And although our topic is fashion and music, artists inspire a lot within people’s lifestyle.

Artists can inspire you sonically by you to wanting to play, listen to, or introduce others to music you enjoy. Do you tune in Saturday nights to watch your favorite artist participate in skits, or perform live? Is your favorite movie your favorite movie based on the soundtrack alone? Lana wore those overalls the other day, do you want to go to UO to get a pair just like them? Your overall attitude is sometimes contingent on how the artist you favor represents him or herself.

In conclusion, music is ubiquitous.


Matching Game: Ritter’s Teachers & Olympic Events

Posted on September 30, 2016

By Andrew Sandifer

Since Rio’s 2016 Summer Olympics has come and gone, it’s time to start looking ahead to the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. Instead of using internationally recognized athletes for the next Olympics, the U.S. has decided to introduce the highly acclaimed Cardinal Ritter Faculty Team. Such a group is fully capable of competing with any nation willing to stand in its way. Here are the top performers for some of the major events at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.

Track and Field: Mr. Ballou and Mr. Gough: goughballou

This speedy tandem will be a force to be reckoned with on the track. With Usain Bolt entering retirement, there will be a new sprinter that will don the gold medal. I think Mr. Ballou can be that new king. Mr. Gough will be the favorite in both shot put and discus.

Beach Volleyball: Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Crapo

The high-flying combination of Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Crapo will set the beach volleyball world on fire when they take the court in Tokyo. Just get used to this saying: “Crapo sets it up for Cavanaugh who obliterates the ball with a vicious spike which sends ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahs’ throughout the arena.”

Table Tennis: Mrs. Elzey and Mrs. Hoy

The Spanish-speaking duo of Elzey and Hoy will absolutely dominate in the table tennis matches in the Olympics. With Mrs. Elzey’s defense and Mrs. Hoy’s killer serve, the ‘Swingin’ Señoras’ will be a nightmare for anyone taking on this team.

Synchronized Diving: Mr. A. Hollowell and Mr. M. Hollowell

The synchronized diving events will bring a family affair come time for Tokyo. Just imagine the dominance that the Hollowell Bros could bring to the pool. They already look alike so that may bring some more points their way from the judges. This could be the most watched and most ridiculed event in the Games.

Gymnastics: Ms. Jessen and Mr. Powers

Many people’s favorite event is gymnastics, and I do not seeing that changing in Tokyo with this group. The book-loving Ms. Jessen brings such grace and flair to the floor that it would be hard-pressed for her to not bring home the gold. Mr. Powers on uneven bars and pommel horse is a sight that not many will be able to forget for quite some time.

Basketball: Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Koester

The dominate of the U.S. will soon come to an end when they go up against the Ritter team with this duo. The sharp-shooting and dime-dropping Mrs. Koester is the floor general that can put this team over the top. Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, is the shot-blocking low post presence that locks up the opponents bigs. This team is scary good.

Rowing: Coach Hunt and Coach Scott

The waves in the ocean pale in comparison to the waves that these two make in the water. Coach Hunt and Coach Scott take on teams of almost ten people and match the power produced from the opponent. Honestly, I think the Navy should look into these guys as part of deep sea rescue missions because they would be faster than any boat you could send out there.


Ultimate Taste Test: Coke vs Pepsi

Posted on May 12, 2016

By Luke Armbruster

According to Cardinal Ritter students there isn’t much of a debate when it comes to Coke vs. Pepsi. [AdWeek]
The question everyone has been asked for years is whether or not they would rather drink Coke or Pepsi. This question has been asked to many for years now and is still a factor for people today when they choose a cold beverage. The choice has always been back and forth with most people, and there are no signs that this rivalry between soda titans will stop.

Cardinal Ritter students were asked in the hallway if they would rather have Coke or Pepsi and 75-80% of these individuals decided that they would rather have an ice-cold Coke than Pepsi. With some of these answers came the occasional “I don’t drink soda…” Looking to get to the bottom of it as to why Cardinal Ritter students preferred Coke, more questions had to be asked.

The majority of students who said they would rather drink Coke offered no specific reason why, but one individual said that Coke has a better taste of bubbly goodness. It’s widely known that Coke has a slightly more bitter, deeper taste compared to the sweeter taste of Pepsi, yet many people are content with either. Coke and Pepsi are two rivals that spark of debate and opinion; the reasoning of one particular individual was quite rare.  When this individual was asked if they would rather have Coke or Pepsi, he sided with Pepsi, passionately stating, “I drink Pepsi because of the colors on the can, Merica!” This response, one for the ages, highlights the peculiar reasoning some students maintain for siding with either brand of beverage.


Spring vs. Fall Sports

Posted on May 12, 2016

By Gus Esterline

Fall and Spring sports offer different experiences to athletes and spectators. [Park Hill Sch. Dist.]
A topic that many students argue about is which sports season is the best. This topic in the past was never really been called into question because of the continued successful of Cardinal Ritter football and, at times, boys baseball. While there are many other great sports offered at school for spectators, football traditionally dominates fall sports and baseball the same for spring sports.

This year was a different year for fall sports, especially in that many other teams had the opportunity to showcase their skills in the fall. The Cardinal Ritter soccer team and their Cinderella story trip to the State Finals was one such topic. This year was clearly a shift in the right direction for the soccer program. Cardinal Ritter soccer player Eli Esterline says, “Towards the end of the season you really started to feel the hype around the soccer program. The student sections were insane.”

It’s widely agreed that baseball still dominates spring sports at the school. Although the team continues to make up ground for an up and down start to the season, many students still say that they believe baseball is the main spring sport. Baseball received 78 percent of the votes, track received 15 percent, and softball received 5 percent. In all for the poll, 88 percent of the students say that they preferred the fall sports season, both as fans and athletes. One student credited the soccer team’s historic run to the state finals for the results of the poll. With these results, it’s clear that 88 percent of the student body will be looking forward to next fall for Cardinal Ritter sports.


Skye High Taste

Posted on May 12, 2016

By Nick Leverenz

A signature dish at Skye’s is the Mexican Salad in a Burrito Bowl. [Skye’s Restaurant]
If you eventually make your way around to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, for Spring Break or any kind of break, be sure to stop by Skye’s Restaurant. Skye’s is a family run Mexican restaurant that is beyond excellent. Skye’s has been located in Fort Myers Beach for over 20 years, from humble beginnings to a fully redesigned food menu.

Skye’s now has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu . In talking with one of the waiters, Francisco, who had been there for five and a half years, I quickly learned of their restaurant motto similar to the Bob Evans motto: “We treat strangers like friends and friends like family.” He said that they know almost all of the regulars by name and are able to treat them as if they have known them for several years. One of the perks is that the restaurant gets your food to you fast as it takes to order it. The quality of food is great and the staff is always accommodating. Check out Skye’s Restaurant to see what classic dish you prefer.


Cheaper by the Dozen

Posted on March 11, 2016

By Patrick Rickman

Panera’s plentiful pastry selection on display [Panera]
What is the only thing better than a dozen donuts? A dozen bagels! Well actually thirteen bagels when you go on the right day at Panera Bread. Panera Bread should be a familiar name to the common person, but maybe their special Tuesday deal is not. Tuesday is no ordinary at Panera Bread, Tuesday is bagel Tuesday!

Normally, a dozen bagels at Panera is $9.99. But, the Tuesday special allows for any bagel loving person to purchase thirteen bagels for $6.99, making them 0.54 cents a bagel.Not only is the deal itself great, but so is the wide assortment of bagels one has to choose from.There is sweet onion and poppy seed, Asiago cheese, cinnamon swirl and raisin, French toast, blueberry,chocolate chip, cinnamon crunch, everything, sesame, plain, and whole grain. All of these flavors make it impossible for a person to not find one bagel he or she will enjoy.

Ask myself, Noah Albrecht, or Sam Johnson, we collectively bought fifty two bagels one bagel Tuesday so we know quite well how delicious all the flavors are. To top it all off, the customer service is fantastic. The employees who helped Noah, Sam, and I were more than happy to put up with our ridiculous order. They joked around with us and were quite helpful in our bagel selection process. There was an older gentleman who was quite funny and asked with shock, “You guys are back for more?” Of course we were back for more, and if you decide one day to partake in a bagel from Panera Bread, I guarantee you will end up going back for more too!


Food Review: Mann’s Grille

Posted on March 11, 2016

By Johnny Siener

mann's grill
A look at the quality portions of a Mann’s Grill breakfast. [Zomato]
Let me start off by saying that I love breakfast. I love pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, French toast, and hash-browns. Breakfast is the most important and amazing meal of the day to me. Recently, some friends and I went to a little diner known as Mann’s Grill. It was one of the most amazing places I have ever eaten at in my life. The portions they give you are absolutely massive and I have never eaten such a large amount of food that tasted so good.

On top of excellent food at Mann’s Grille, the atmosphere is great. The whole aura in the restaurant is very homely. The waitresses at the grill are very down to earth and they make you feel as if they are eating a home-cooked meal. They have regular conversations and make you feel at home.You’ll never have a bad customer experience when you go to eat at Mann’s Grill.

My favorite meal to get at the Grill is the Man’s Breakfast. They give you two eggs, two giant pancakes as big as your head, a half-pound of hash browns, a pile of bacon, and two buttery pieces of toast. My friends and I went a few days ago and we could not believe how much food they gave us for such a reasonable price. If you want a great tasting meal made by good working class people, then go to Mann’s Grill. It is bar-none the best breakfast eatery I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.


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